Stags Fort

Stags Fort


The capital of Aznagar and seat of power for Baron Aldous Farrar, Stags Fort sits on a hill overlooking the Shrike River where it empties into the Tuskwater Lake.
Dominated by the central fort (also called Stags Fort), which was claimed and rebuilt after Aldous and his group vanquished the Stag Lord, the town is slowly growing to be an important trading community in the Kamelands.
Stags Fort depends heavily on the farms around it, as well as loggers in the Narlmarches which bring wood down the Skunk River and fishing on the nearby Tuskwater Lake.
With few trademans buildings, there is a growing community of tents and caravans surrounding the town and a number of open farmers markets run throughout the week.


Little is known of the original purpose of the settlement now known as Stags Fort. Evidence suggests that at one time it was a monastery or temple dedicated to the god Gyronna and that human sacrifices were committed in the name of that awful she-witch. It’s not known when or why hill was abandoned, but the the cultists left their taint on that unhallowed place, for the dead would rise to protect it from all invaders.

In recent years the remains of the monastery were inhabited by bandits, and it became the fort of the self-proclaimed bandit-king The Stag Lord. He and his men built up a stockade around the stone ruins and strengthened them to offer protect him and his men. He was also protected by the knowledge that the only safe passage to his domicile was via the road that led up the hill from the north. The dead would rise to defend the hill if other means of approach were made.

It was for better part of a year that the Stag Lord used the fort to disrupt trade and the lives of the people in the Green Belt. In 4710 the swordlords of Restov drew up a charter asking for adventurers to remove the threat of the Stag Lord once and for all. Aldous Farrar and his group, already exploring the Green Belt accept the charter and strike out against the Stag Lord. On the 13th day of Sarenith 4710 the group attacked the fort, overcoming the defences and kill the Stag Lord.

Returning to Brevoy the group were rewarded with right to settle their own community and build a nation. Aldous claims the fort, formally naming it ‘Stags Fort’ and it becomes the capital of Aznagar.

Important Locations

Stags Fort Castle

The central castle of Stags Fort sits at the top of the hill overlooking the settlement.
It’s central meeting hall is decorated with the blue/green banner of Aznagar, a long council table made from coach wood of the Narlmarches and a large hearth before which lies the massive black pelt of the dire-worg Howls-in-the-Wind.

Agnas Infusions

Agnas Infusions is the alchemy run by Agna Whitechin.

Svensvans Smithy

Svensvans Smithy is the blacksmithy managed by Sven and Svan the gnomes.

Stags Head Inn

Stags Head Inn is the inn run by Bart and Beatrice.

Stags Fort City Guard Office

The official office of the Marshal of the Azangar – Akiros Ismort.

Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven is Lem the halflings bakery in Stagsfort.

Stags Fort Graveyard

The graveyard of Stags Fort continues the Tomb of Eleyna, and the graves of those who died during the Carnival of Tears, as well as others.

Stags Fort

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