Tag: Stagsfort


  • Akiros Ismort

    Akiros is the First Marshal of Aznagar and spends much of his time maintaining the peace in Stags Fort. He is opinionated and can be argumentative. He has never been the same since the death of Eleyna. It was discovered that her has been sending …

  • Lily Teskertin

    Lily is a beautiful flirtatious girl with a passion for everything Elven. She worked at the Wyrms Head in Tatzlford and, boring of that, moved to Stags Fort. She is now working as a barmaid in the Stags Head Inn, but would never turn down an offer to …

  • Agna Whitechin

    Agna, a dwarf who can't grow facial hair, much to her embarrasment is the alchemist in Stags Fort and runs [[Agnas Infusions]]. She's short, dumpy, hardly attractive, and has a slight lisp. She's also a vegetarian and doesn't drink alcohol. Agna wants …

  • Kundal

    Kundal was a travelling barbarian mercenary. He has been cursed with Lycanthropy and has murdered 4 citizens of Aznagar whilst in werewolf form. Kundal is married to Lynessa and is father to their daughter Lexi.

  • Sven and Svan

    Sven and Svan the Gnomish smiths. Twins by trade and appearance (Purple haired, much to their disgust) they run the [[Svensvans Smithy]] in stags fort. Quirky and zany, they like to pretend to be human sized by standing on each others shoulders, (Sven …

  • Thuldrin Kreed

    Kreed is a scarred man with a milky blind left eye. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the growing number of lumber-jackers and loggers supplying Aznagars wood. Thuldrin seems to have a wide network of people that work for him.

  • Bart and Beatrice

    Bart and Beatrice own the Stags Head Inn. Beatrice makes excellent fish and eel pies. Bart is stern but friendly.

  • Cort Finlen

    Cort is an experienced Lumberjack that was captured by the forces of [[:rhoswen |Rhoswen]] The Fellnight Queen, and tortured in her dungeons. He was freed by the Founders and returned to Aznagar. Cort is loyal the Founders and owes them his life.

  • Namdrin Quin

    Little is known of Namdrin's life, other than his wife Tessa was captured by the evil Fey forces that came to Aznagar. Namdrins travelling carnival was transformed into the Carnival of Tears and murdered many of the citizens of Stags Fort. Tessa left …

  • Iosis Vemarelion

    Iosis is an eager man full of the desire for fame. He has come to Aznagar to document the rising kingdom and the exploits of it's founders in the hope that it will give me what he needs to enter the Pathfinder Society. He currently resides in [[Stags …

  • Enya Farrar

    Enya is the youngest child of Farstar and Elia Hanvaki. She has one elder brother, Edrist, and has led a very privileged life. Her other brother Tomin was killed by the lich Vordakai. Enya is married to [[:aldous-farrar | Aldous]] and is the Queen of …