Tag: Pitax


  • Grigori

    Grigori was killed in the attack on Irrovetti's palace by the weretiger Alasen, after he betrayed the King to help The Founders. He was reincarnated by Josiman as a half-elf.

  • Nightingale

    She was caught trying to steal the crown-jewels of Aznagar. The Founders freed her and she left the Kingdom on the promise that she is now an ally of Aznagar. Nightingale resurfaced in Pitax and took over the thieves guild for the Founders.

  • Pavetta Drelev-Stroon

    Baronness Pavetta Drelev-Stroon is the wife of Hannis Drelev and the sister of Imeckus Stroon. Never seen far from her shrill dog 'Jewel', she was captured by the Founders during the Battle of Drelev Keep, but freed and told to leave the Town forever. …

  • Imeckus Stroon

    Imeckus Stroon is the brother of [[:pavetta-drelev-stroon | Pavetta Drelev-Stroon]]. For a time he stayed at the keep in Drelev and added [[:hannis-drelev | Baron Hannis Drelev]]. Stroon was killed during the attack on Irrovetti's palace. His body was …