Tag: Narlmarches


  • Stas Veddich

    Stas, who works for Corax's crew of loggers and lumberjacks, has recently lost his magical spear (a find from his short-lived days as an adventurer for hire) in a Hodog. None of his friends and co-workers believe him and he's determined to get it back!

  • Veskapp

    Lizard King of the Lizard folk tribe in the Murque river that worship the lights of Candlemere as their ancestors spirits. Veskapp overthrew the previous King, Vesket, because the latter was too cruel. Veskapp has little time for 'Inlanders'

  • Perlivash

    Perlivash is a fun, quick-witted, and very naughty little dragon. He loves playing tricks on bigginses almost as much as he loves his bestest friend Tyg-Tutter-Tig. Perlivash is fond of doing loops in the air, sipping wine, and mead (but not beer! …

  • Garuum

    Garuum is a boggard currently living in a miry area of the Narlmarches, close to the Skunk river. He says he has been exiled from his tribe to the North West and that he just wants to be left alone. He has a pet Slurk he calls Ubagub.

  • Vinroot

    Vinroot is as old as the forest itself and has mysterious. No friend to man, he wants little to do with civilisation and can be found in the hilly heights at the centre of the Narlmarches looking out over the forest. He does like Nidrim wine though, …

  • Tiressia

    Tiressia and her consort the satyr Falchos live deep in the forest. She is friendly and does what she can to protect the wooded borders of the realm. Her sister Fira is much shyer and is rarely seen.

  • Tenzikil

    Tenzikil is a gnome druid that fell victim to the bleaching. In this vulnerable emotional state he was manipulated by Rhoswen The Fellnight Queen to aid her in escaping the Fellnight Realm in which she was trapped. Tenzikil helped her and led her …