Tag: Deceased


  • Vekkel Benzen

    Vekkel is a aging tracker/hunter who recently almost died because of the wild-boar Tuskgutter. He lives with his wife, Yolinda and son Melko at the bridge 40miles north east of Stag Fort. He has become the Tennant in Chief of the local area, reporting to …

  • Eleyna

    Eleyna was murdered a a malicious Quickling whilst the party explored the Abandoned Elven Keep in the depths of the Narlmarches.

  • Kesten Garess

    Kesten Garess, until recently, was a mercenary hired by the Swordlords of Restov to help protect Olegs Trading post from bandits. Now he has been employed as the spymaster of Aznagar - a post he rarely enjoys. Still it's a new life and he's not …

  • Otak Tannersen

    Friendly stableman, husband of Mareta, and father of Tig, Otak brought his family to Aznagar from Restov. His dream was to own a ranch filled with the horses said to be roaming the kamelands. It was a dream that he would never see fulfilled. Otak …

  • Mareta Tannersen

    Wife of Otak and mother of Tig. Mareta was the homely, red-headed, cook in the Stags Fort kitchens. She made a mean spiced meat pie. Mareta was killed on the night of the Carnival of Tears.

  • Arven Drig

    Arven was a wide-ranging fisherman whose determination and energy was responsible for much of the fine fish and eel found on the tables of many in Stags Fort. He was killed during the Carnival of Tears.

  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    Tyg-Titter-Tut was an excitable grig. She loved nothing more than to play tricks on bigguns. Actually that's not true. Tyg would happily sit and listen to music for hours and hours, and was quite insistent when asking for 'just another quick tune'. …

  • Chief Sootscale

    Chief Sootscale was the leader of the Sootscale tribe (named after him of course!) and for a while he and his tribe enjoyed the freedom of leadership after the shaman Tartuk was killed. Though he entered into a bloodpact with Aldous of Azangar, …

  • Mikmek

    Mikmek was the 'Champion' of the Sootscale tribe before it was disbanded with the death of Chief Sootscale, and the 'ex' executioner of Aznagar. He carries his (small) 2-handed Sword with pride and is sad that he no longer is the executioner. His …

  • Hargulka

    Little was known of Hargulka, other than that he has somehow managed to create a kingdom of trolls and that he is far more intelligent than most of his kind. Hargulka died at the hands of the founders of Azangar. He killed Alex in during that brutal …

  • Niska

    Malgorzata Niska was a young and attractive woman who, after marrying Alexite Roxan, and becoming pregnant with his son, was exposed as a priestess of the cult of Gyronna. She was killed trying to sacrefice her new-born son to the hag goddess.

  • Rhoswen

    An evil fey queen and powerful Sorceress, Rhoswen 'The Fellnight Queen' was captured and trapped in the 'Fellnight Realm' many centuries ago. Recently she found a way to influence people beyond her prison and used this to have [[:tenzikil | Tenzikil]] …

  • Vemai

    Friendly young halfling met in Fort Serenko. Vemai was found murdered behind the Shrike Falls.

  • Vordakai

    Vordakai was an ancient Cyclops Lich that was trapped in his tomb for 10,000 years before being released onto the world in 4714. He captured the people of Varnhold and killed many of them before he was slain by the Founders. Vordakai worn the Occulas …

  • Hannis Drelev

    Baron Hannis Drelev is a selfish cruel man who governed Drelev as a despot. He was defeated and captured by the Founders. He was beheaded by [[:aldous-farrar | King Aldous]] the following day, before the people of Drelev

  • Quintessa Maray

    Quintessa Maray is a bard from Galt that was held against her will by Baron Hannis Drelev. When the Founders overthrew Drelev she quickly sided with them to gain her freedom. Quintessa was presumed killed during the sacking of the city of Drelev

  • Imeckus Stroon

    Imeckus Stroon is the brother of [[:pavetta-drelev-stroon | Pavetta Drelev-Stroon]]. For a time he stayed at the keep in Drelev and added [[:hannis-drelev | Baron Hannis Drelev]]. Stroon was killed during the attack on Irrovetti's palace. His body was …

  • Armag

    Armag Twice-Born was raised by the Black-Sisters of Gyronna to claim the sword Ovinrbaane and wage war on the River Kingdoms. He entered the tomb of Armag (the original legendary warlord of old) and claimed the sword, but was killed by the Founders. …

  • Zorek

    The shaman Zorek was the greatest of Armags followers and built the tomb to house the warlord and his sword Ovinrbaane after his death. Zorek stood watch over the tomb and the body of Armag for many centuries until he was finally killed by the Founders.

  • Villamor Koth

    Villamor Koth is the deadly and brutal Pitax Champion of the Rushlight Tournament. He lost to King Aldous in Midnight Joust of the 4718 Tournament. He was later killed by King Aldous in a duel during the war of the River Kings.