Tag: Council member


  • Svetlana Leveton

    The pretty wife of [[:oleg-leveton | Oleg]] and devoted mother of Stasya and Vasily, Svetlana is the Counciller of Aznagar. She lives with her family in North Cross (previously known as [[Olegs Trading Post | Olegs Trading Post]])

  • Aldous Farrar

    I was never one for my father's craft. Father, (Talon Farrar), always wanted me to join his forge, but how could I? When Mother told me tales of great heroes who slew dragons and singlehanded routed armies of evil warlords. Stories told to young …

  • Alexite Roxan

    Alexite Roxan was born in a nondescript hamlet at the edge of civilization on 16th Calistril 4692. His father, after who he was named, and uncles were all skilled hunters and trappers. From an early age Alex eagerly learnt their trade from them. When …

  • Akiros Ismort

    Akiros is the First Marshal of Aznagar and spends much of his time maintaining the peace in Stags Fort. He is opinionated and can be argumentative. He has never been the same since the death of Eleyna. It was discovered that her has been sending …

  • Jhod Kevken

    Jhod has a past he rarely discusses. He is loyal and determined to ensure the stability and safety of his community. He can always be found out in the farmlands helping people and has already built up a smaller congregation of followers. His closest …

  • Kundal

    Kundal was a travelling barbarian mercenary. He has been cursed with Lycanthropy and has murdered 4 citizens of Aznagar whilst in werewolf form. Kundal is married to Lynessa and is father to their daughter Lexi.

  • Thuldrin Kreed

    Kreed is a scarred man with a milky blind left eye. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the growing number of lumber-jackers and loggers supplying Aznagars wood. Thuldrin seems to have a wide network of people that work for him.

  • Namdrin Quin

    Little is known of Namdrin's life, other than his wife Tessa was captured by the evil Fey forces that came to Aznagar. Namdrins travelling carnival was transformed into the Carnival of Tears and murdered many of the citizens of Stags Fort. Tessa left …