Enemy of All Enemies

weapon (melee)

Intelligent +3 Wounding Greatsword…


For many years, Armag led his warriors to victory, proclaiming himself invincible and pridefully declaring himself Gorum’s champion.
While Gorum was amused by his boastfulness, Pharasma was insulted, and sent her minions to slay him. Gorum took offense, resulting in a battle of wits between the two deities. When Armag was finally felled in battle, Gorum infused Armag’s soul into his blade, thereby forbidding Armag’s soul to enter the Boneyard.

He then sent word to Armag’s tribe to inter the body and equipment in a great tomb filled with guardians, traps and tests. Gorum decreed that only the worthiest warrior would be fit to claim Ovinrbaane as their own, all others to be slain and added to the guardians protecting the tomb.


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