Vassily Leveton


Born on 25th Neth 4710 to Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, Vassily is eldest of twins. Like his father, Vassily is forthright and protective – especially of his sister Stasya. He lives in North Cross with his family.

Vassily doesn’t like cities, enjoying the open lands around his home – he spends much of his time in the fields around North Cross with his father. He is learning the sword (he was given a finely crafted blade for his birthday) and hopes to become a one day.

He was given a puppy for his 5th birthday, has named the dog ‘Roswen’.

Recently Stasya and Vassily were kidnapped and taken to The Harrowed Realm. They were both rescued safely by the Founders and returned to their parents. It’s not known what the long term effects of this will be on them.

Vassily Leveton

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