Stasya Leveton


Born on 25th Neth 4710 to Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, Stasya is youngest of twins, her elder brother Vassily looks after her. She is single minded and quiet, taking after her mother; she is kind to others and enjoys the simple things in life. Staysa lives in North Cross with her family.

Stasya sees much and her first word was ‘Briar’ – a name that appears to be important. It is unknown how she heard this.

Stasya loves her uncle Josimon immensely and would go everywhere with him if she could.

She was given a puppy for her 5th birthday, she has named the dog ‘Briar’.

Recently Stasya and Vassily were kidnapped and taken to The Harrowed Realm. They were both rescued safely by the Founders and returned to their parents. It’s not known what the long term effects of this will be on them.

Stasya Leveton

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