Chief Sootscale

Leader of the Sootscale kobolds


Chief Sootscale was the leader of the Sootscale tribe (named after him of course!) and for a while he and his tribe enjoyed the freedom of leadership after the shaman Tartuk was killed.

Though he entered into a bloodpact with Aldous of Azangar, Sootscale allied with Hargulka the troll and the ultimately led to the death of the kobold and his tribe. Sootscale was killed in a duel with Aldous after it was discovered that his warriors were attacking the farms of Aznagar.

The sootscale tribe has since been disbanded; it’s people scattered.

Sootscale returned as an undead creature that controlled the Cold Marrow Azlanti mound. He was trapped in the mound by the Founders.

Chief Sootscale

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